Aglaomorpha 'Santa Rosa'
Genus: Aglaomorpha (ag-lay-oh-MOR-fuh)

Aglaomorpha is a genus of large epiphytic ferns. The Santa Rosa is a hybrid fern thus does not produce spore and can only be cultivated from division or tissue culture. This fern got its name from the Santa Rosa Tropical Fern Nursery. They put it into production several years ago now.
I have been growing this fern myself for several years, it is a little slow off the start if you are only starting with a 4"pot size, but it grow up to be a beautiful fern with fronds getting 2 to 3 foot, at least that is as large as mine has gotten so far.
The Aglaomorpha is a footed fern (rizhome) that grows in a circular motion and can create a nest of fronds doing well if plaqued on something round or even a palm tree. Even though this is a epiphytic fern it can be grown in grown here in the Houston area. I have found it will take pretty bright light and can be quite drought tolerant. Our freeze of two years ago, mine did fine outside in a clay pot. However last winter I had not watered it before the freeze and lost it. So it seems to need hydrated well before a freeze in order to do well.
I have this planted in wire baskets, cedar plaques, and in pots, it seems to do equally well under all these conditions.
The fronds are coarsely cut and are wide at the bottom and will turn brown with age. This will turn papery and will serve to help catch leaf debris and will itself is resists decay. The Aglaomorpha does well indoors until it get to large. It does not need high humidity and irregularly watering.
All round I give this a big thumbs up for our growing area. Happy Growing...