Platycerium the Staghorn fern
Genus: Platycerium (plat-ee-SIR-ee-um)
Species: superbum (soo-PER-bum)

Platycerium superbum is a large non-pupping fern from the Malayan-Asiatic species and is native to Australia. Superbum grows to be 3-6 foot across and likes to be on the dry side. I have found the superbum does well on cork to keep it from getting over watered at least while it is young. Then it needs moved to something that will support its large size and can weigh up to 100lbs when full grown.
Superbum grow well from spore, but it take two to three years to get your first foliage fronds and then the next year for the spore patch. It is found under the frond and then it is covered with a cinnamon colored layer of plant skin that protects the spore. You have to scrape down through this layer to get to your viable spore.
For me the superbum grows very slow for the first year or so, having only the round shield frond for several months to a year before putting on wing like spread on the shield. After about three years you get your first fronds. You can't help but smile once you get your first fronds, because you do have to wait awhile if you start with a young plant.
Superbum can take a frost and go down to the upper 20's for short periods of time. So with some light protection and normal winters for us it should do well outside here in Houston.
This staghorn is certainly not a super bum...